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An electric crowd welcomed flagship programme back to the capital for the best WWE show on this side of the pond in years. The Undertaker is one of the biggest superstars in WWE history. For him to get on board with a tour already stacked with headline talent so far from home at a stage in his career when appearances are very rare was greatly appreciated.

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Attention, everyone; lend me your ears: Total Divas’ Summer Rae is back. It’s been a long couple of months for her following the very public breakup with her WWE dance partner, Fandango. She even disappeared off of the show for several weeks afterwards. No one knows what was happening with her, what she was doing, or where she went. But based on her social media accounts, I’ve got a pretty good idea of what she was up to during the weeks following her breakup with Fandango.

Air date: Mar 11, Also, Deputy Chief Irving is given a huge opportunity, yet his world is spiraling downward. Jeri Ryan as Veronica Allen. Emilia Ares as Layla. Show More Cast grizzly neo-noir, a Miami Vice for the True Detective fan, which should be celebrated as peak airport-novel TV. Copyright © Fandango.

We sat down with the superstar that brought ‘Fandangoing’ to the WWE universe just under a year ago. The art of dance has been an intrinsic part of life since the earliest human civilizations. In all its various forms it has dazzled for generation after generation. From Fred Astaire to Rudolf Nureyev, the twist to twerking, with great movement comes great charisma.

Perhaps inevitably, dance has found a bond with professional wrestling, with characters incorporating various moves into their repertoires over the years. One such act who has moulded ballroom with brawn is WWE superstar Fandango, who we caught up with on a particularly warm day in Central London.

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Fandango spent time on the sidelines after being taken off WWE TV in late August and was expected to be repackaged upon his return. The “new and improved” Fandango entered the Scottrade Center in St. Louis to an unfamiliar tune as his latest valet, Rosa Mendes, danced in the ring. Sporting an all-new look, he seemed to have undergone a makeover during his absence.

Fandango dating layla in real life Example: The emphasis is on the act of undressing along with sexually suggestive movement, rather than the.

However, Fandango decided that he didn’t care about losing and after the match he decided to express his love for his new dance partner Layla. Fandango and Layla then made out in the ring in a scene that JBL called “revolting” before Raw went to a commercial, and after the break the announcers played up the “Fandango dumps Summer Rae” storyline by comparing his kiss to Layla on Raw to his kiss to Summer Rae on Total Divas a few weeks back. While Summer Rae has not yet returned to Raw or SmackDown to confront Fandango and Layla, she has sold both anger and heartbreak over the past few months.

In real life, however, Summer Rae is doing just fine as she is wrapping up filiming of The Marine 4 movie sequel with The Miz. CB’s Analysis: The original rumors for Summer Rae’s return after filming The Marine 4 had her coming back as a highly pushed singles heel in the Divas division. However, I actually think that the Fandango-Layla storyline lends itself to Summer coming back as a babyface who can play up the idea of being a wrongfully jilted lover.

Either way and regardless of what you may think of her if you watch TotalDivas regularly , Summer Rae is a very talented wrestler and I hope she does get a solid push when she returns to WWE. Follow us: facebook twitter google rss. Sign up for our Newsletter You have already subscribed. Thank you.

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Curtis Jonathan Hussey born July 22, is an American professional wrestler. On April 8, Fandango announced the end of his association with Rae on his Twitter account Seven months after her WWE departure, Were They Really Dating? Summer Rae with Rusev at Eastern Pennsylvania Kofi Kingston vs.

The art of dance has been an intrinsic part of life since the earliest human civilizations. In all its various forms it has dazzled for generation after.

Hussey began his professional wrestling career in In , Hussey re-debuted as Fandango. Subsequently, WWE audience members started singing and dancing to his entrance music, which rose substantially on the iTunes charts and generated coverage in mainstream media. Hussey trained under Killer Kowalski and debuted in September He wrestled for various independent promotions in the New England area over the next few years. Curtis made his debut for the territory on November 9, where he lost to David Heath.

Beginning in , Curtis began competing at house shows for the Raw brand , with his first match being a loss to Evan Bourne on January 8. Curtis was part of the fourth season , with R-Truth as his mentor. It was later revealed that he was immune from elimination that week. After various dark matches, Curtis debuted on SmackDown on the June 3 episode in a bizarre backstage promo where he said that his promised tag team title shot was “not going to happen” in light of R-Truth’s recent villainous turn.

Curtis then made his return to the fifth season of NXT as a heel on November 2. Derrick showed a clip of Curtis sending a message on Bateman’s iPad to Teddy Long Maxine had dumped Bateman because he had allegedly sent a message to Long saying he didn’t need Maxine and wanted to leave her on NXT whilst he had a chance at getting a contract on Smackdown.

Maxine then slapped Curtis and reunited with Bateman once again after finding out that it wasn’t true. Curtis then started to use his new catchphrase “Let’s Get Weird” which was also printed on his trunks.

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Originally Posted by Freeway. Well there was the report of her during Mania weekend where she hung back and kept away from all the craziness so I imagine she puts extra effort into keeping away from all of that and not making a spectacle of herself. Clearly sleeping with Michael Hayes is doing wonders for Rosa Mendes’ career.

Layla El Barrami (June 25, ) is an English dancer, model and retired professional wrestler World Wrestling Entertainment / WWE.

Characters like Rusev have a particular sell-by-date, where their gimmick only works for so long. The money match in the Divas division is Paige Vs. The Usos. The Usos are an excellent tag team, and have been one of the most entertaining duos in recent WWE memory. We should have an entertaining match, and we should have new champions. Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Bad News Barrett vs.

Summer Rae vs. Layla – Special Guest Referee: Fandango – SmackDown, July 11, 2014